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Manufacture of Dentures SWISS METHOD. 

My Denture Clinic - The Swiss Denture Concept and manufacture

1. Adjustable articulator used for Swiss Method denture Manufacture

2. Upper and lower Model with occlusal registration in plaster

3. Lower base articulated with insizal pin in line with center

4. Upper base articulated with insizal pin in line with center

5. Rubber key applied to lower rim to match the labial extension

6. Upper anterior teeth have been set to the rubber labial border. Anterior teeth are set exactly to the registration

7. Lower anterior teeth have been set

8. Setting up posterior teeth using laser light to match occlusal fissures to the crest of the lower ridge

9. Lasor light is used for correct positioning

9a. All upper and lower teeth have been set up using the condolor system

9b. Laser to exactly crest. Laser points exactly to the crest of the ridge

9c. Waxed and carved ready to flask

16. After processing, mounted back on articulator to check for High spots using carbon paper

17. Ensuring the ensizal pin is aligned & centered

18. Checking for lateral balanced occlusion.

19. Checking paletal carving

25. Finished dentures are fitted on articulator

26. Finished lower denture on articulator

26. Checking colouring

26a. Checking Tinting

27b. Finished denture showing tinting and polishing

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